Know the power of green propolis.

The main constituents that play an important role in the human body for the maintenance of biological activities are phenolic compounds, represented by flavonoids and phenolic acids. Green propolis is rich in flavonoids, which guarantees a strong action in the fight against inflammation and pain (natural anti-inflammatory), an excellent cell regenerator (healing), prevention of various oxidative diseases (natural antioxidant) and several other properties.


Real Propolis Products

Our products are made with high tech equipment and process that preserve the best characteristics of green propolis, guaranteeing high concentrations of flavonoids Its harvesting and processing uses state-of-the-art technology, always with high quality control. We always seek innovation in products that really solve your problems.


Propolis is the generic name for the resinous substance collected by honeybees from various plant sources. An amazing substance that is strategically placed by bees to protect their hive against invaders and microorganisms such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. As a result, the beehive is one of the most sterile environments known by man, even at high degrees of temperature and humidity.

It has a typical balsamic odor, slightly accented flavor, and may have spicy features. In the tropical regions of the planet, we found the propolis with greater chemical variability, due to the diversity of vegetal species of these regions. In Brazil, more than 12 different types of propolis have been identified.



It is a type of propolis found exclusively in Southeast of Brazil, more specifically in the central and southern region of Minas Gerais. It is produced from the resin of the plant 'Alecrim-do-Campo' (Baccharis dracunculifolia), native of Brazilian Cerrado vegetation areas.

In recent years a great interest in the correlation of chemical composition with biological activities has been initiated, due to the high concentration of flavonoids and Artepillin C, a flavonoid of very high antioxidant power, which strengthens the immune system and assists in the combat and prevention of diseases.


We are located in the only region of the world capable of producing, in a natural way and with a certificate of origin, the green propolis, called the Green Propolis Region, as regulated by IMA Ordinance No. 1138 of 2011.

Our production is totally sustainable and organic, respecting the natural cycle of the hive and bees. We use harvesting and storage techniques that preserve the best characteristics of green propolis, guaranteeing high concentrations of flavonoids and their differentiated quality.


Real Propolis was created to spread worldwide consumption of Brazilian Green Propolis and increase wellness and health to the people’s life, through the benefits that green propolis provides to the human body.

We are located in the mountains of Minas Gerais state, South-East of Brazil. This a region of beautiful landscapes and “Cerrado" vegetation, a vast biome that is home to native species like Baccharis dracunculifolia, known as ‘Alecrim-do-campo’. Bees extracts from ‘Alecrim-do-campo’ some substances to produce a powerful kind of propolis, the Brazilian Green Propolis.

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